Location: The Village of Losents is situated in between Tsarevo town and the small town of Kitten, 60km South from the main city of Bourgas. For the last few years, this small piece of heaven, has turned into a favourite destination for people who are longing to escape from the noisy and crowdy big sea resourts around here. Its coast has a wide picturesque beaches, and near by you can find the two campsites named Yug and Coral that are known for its pure nature.

Attractions and Sports: A holiday in Lozenets can happen to be a real adventure. In the North part of the beach in Lozenets you can go to a surf school and have the great opportunity to tackle the waves with a surf or even a kite-surf. You can pretend to be a real sea-wolf, sailing on a yacht in open sea. The tourists can do mountain-biking throughout the forests of the reserves of Strandzha and Ropotamo. The Ropotamo river itself will fascinate you with its calm but still full of life waters, and being surrounded with a thick wood of deciduous trees..